Our approach

We pride ourselves in creating an environment where your child feels happy, calm and secure which enables our staff to ensure that their developmental needs are met. We work in close partnership with parents to ensure consistency of care by sharing information about your child’s development and giving parents opportunities to be involved with Pre-School sessions.  

A ‘Key Person’ is assigned to your child which enables us to provide activities tailored to the needs of each individual child. Each member of staff has particular responsibility for just a few children.  Having this special adult to relate to can make settling into the group much easier.

The Key Person maintains links with the child’s home setting, working with parents through shared record-keeping to ensure that all children are supported to their full potential.

A child who is unhappy will not be able to play or learn, so it is important for us to work together to help your child feel confident and secure. This takes longer for some children than others and you should not feel worried if your child takes a while to settle. 

The key person and Pre-School Manager like to make a home visit before your first visit to the Pre-School which aids the settling in process. This is a ideal opportunity to get to know your child, covering early skills and whether your child will need help, for example putting on their coat, washing their hands etc. We also find out about your child’s likes and dislikes, so that we can steer them towards activities we know they will enjoy.

Sonning Common Pre-School appreciates that when a child feels happy, safe and secure they are able to thrive socially and emotionally. They will be able to make new friends, share and cooperate with others and in turn improve their communication skills. When stimulated they will be able to create, explore and imagine and with positive support they will be willing to try new experiences, to attempt difficult problems and to cope with making mistakes.

We aim to ensure your child’s first tentative steps into education are positive, wonderful and tailored to them. We will promote their strengths and build on their weaknesses.

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