We are open Term time only and follow as closely as possible Oxfordshire school term dates. We have, typically, 5 inset days during the school year.

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When Pre-School may have to close

As we are on the site of Sonning Common Primary School, we cannot open if the main school site is closed.

This can sometimes be at very short notice, e.g. in adverse weather when the site is deemed unsafe.

Decisions to close the main school site are made by the primary school and we need to adhere to these


Term 4

Monday 25th February - Friday 5th April 2019 (Pre-School finishes at 12pm)
Easter Holidays - Monday 8th April - Monday 22nd April 2019

Term 5

Tuesday 23rd April - Friday 24th May 2019
May Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May 2019
Late Spring Half Term - Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May 2019

Term 6

Monday 3rd June - Wednesday 24th July 2019 (Pre-School finishes at 12pm)
Friday 19th June 2019 - Sports Day

Term 1

Tuesday 3rd September - INSET
Wednesday 4th September - Friday 25th October 2019
Half Term - Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November

Term 2

Monday 4th November - Thursday 12th December 2019
Friday 13th December - Christmas Concert
Monday 16th December - Christmas Party

Term 3


Monday 6th January - Friday 14th February 
Half Term - Monday 17th - Friday 21st  February

Term 4

Monday 24th February - Friday 3rd April (Pre-School finishes at 12pm)
Easter Holidays - Monday 6th - Friday 17th  April 

Term 5

Monday 20th April - Friday 22nd May
Bank Holiday - Monday 4th May
Half Term - Monday 25th - Friday 29th May 

Term 6

Monday 1st June - Tuesday 21st July 2020 (Pre-School finishes at 12pm)

Please be aware that it maybe necessary to insert a extra Inset Day during the course of the year.