Forest School

Forest Camp Play Policy
Here at Sonning Common Pre-School Forest Camp we understand that child led play is massively important to all areas of development and allows children to take control of their own education!
Each child is completely unique so this is why child led play/learning is so important as it allows each child to learn through their own interests, ideas and mistakes in a way that is interesting to each child as an individual.
At forest Camp we promote risky play which encourages children to assess risk themselves, children are then able to test their ideas, make their own mistakes, learn from them and move on, enabling the children to become resilient and confident individuals.
We are going to get muddy, wet and we're probably going to get a few scratches, bumps and bruises along the way, but in the end we hope the children will be resilient, imaginative, confident, compassionate and above all Happy!

Forest Camp Vision Statement
Our aim is to provide children with regular visits to a natural environment during all seasons and weathers. Children will be able to take control of their own learning and play and will be supported in risky play as staff understand that children will become resilient and confident in their own capabilities if they are allowed to test their ideas and learn from their mistakes. Our staff understand that each child is an individual with their own interests, ideas, and ways of learning. Staff will provide children with the support and resources they need to test their ideas and support their learning in child led holistic play. 

The Three R’S of Forest Camp

Risk – Children are supported in risk. Assessing their own environment, play and the resources they use.
Resilience – Children are given the opportunity to use resources that test their imagination, ideas and abilities. Children will learn from their mistakes and will be allowed to make them.
Relationships – Children will need to work together and will learn from each other’s ideas. Children are encouraged to help and support each other. Children will develop a positive relationship with the natural world.