Daily routine

8:30am Early drop off  for some

9am Arrive and self-register at the top gate – child-led activities and free play

9.30am Adult and child-led activities and free-flow play indoors and outdoors. Small group work. Small group of children go to Forest Camp (days vary).

10.00am Snack Cafe open- hands wash and a time to chat

11.40am  Tidy Up Time, wash hands, followed by stories & singing

12.00pm End of morning session/Start of afternoon session. Lunch time and time to chat

12.30pm As children finish their lunch, they are encouraged to put away their lunch boxes and throw away their rubbish.

12.40pm  Child-led activities and free play indoors and outdoors. Small group work. Small group of children go to Forest School (days vary)

2.50pm Tidy Up Time, followed by stories & singing

3.00pm Home time for some- pick up at reception

3.00-5.00pm After School Club

SC PS Website photos_2016 _019‘Snack Cafe’ is open for about half an hour with a choice of three or four items including a carbohydrate, fruit and/or vegetables. Each child chooses when to come for snack,  he/she then chooses what to have and is encouraged to be independent in pouring his/her own drink, buttering toast, cutting up fruit, etc. Snack cafe is supervised by a member of staff and is a very sociable time for the children. Examples of snack provided: Toast, crumpet, fresh and dried fruits, tomatoes, cheese, carrots.

Snacks are included in our fees.

We offer hot school lunches, provided by Kite’s Kitchen, who provide lunches to Sonning Common Primary School and allergies can be catered for. Hot lunches are at an additional cost of £2.50, and need to be ordered in aKites Kitchen logodvance, although we can also accommodate any last minute requests for hot meals, before 9.30 am on the day required . The lunches are served at Pre-School for children who stay all day, or who come to our afternoon sessions. Menus are available at the start of every term. This term menu can be viewed here.

Kite’s Kitchen’s motto is “fresh healthy tasty!” They provide lunch to hundreds of children based in Sonning Common Primary School (and to us at the Pre-School)  https://twitter.com/KitesKitchen